Critical Security Vulnerability Found in WordPress Slider Revolution Plugin, Immediate Update Advised

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There is a new vulnerability that is exploiting wordpress site(s) by which virtually anyone could easily gain access to your database credentials and everything else. It allows a remote attacker to download any file from the server, including the wp-config.php file, which gives the hacker full access to your site.

If you are using the Slider Revolution plugin on your site, you need to update immediately to avoid becoming a victim of this critical vulnerability. You should also scan your files and database for evidence of hacking and put hardening measures in place to prevent future attacks.

If you are using a commercial plugin or theme that has no auto-update system or relies on email to notify you of updates, you need to be very proactive about keeping yourself informed. A critical security vulnerability, such as the one reported for Slider Revolution, can easily take down your site(s) if you neglect updates. Theme authors don’t always update their bundled plugins and their users cannot take advantage of the auto update system provided by the plugin aut